The Book!


I am pleased to announce that the English translation has been published and is now available through Amazon or in bookstores.


一期一会・ichigoichie, once in a lifetime ~ never again!

A Japanese saying treasuring the importance of every moment and encounter. Even if we have the chance to meet the same people and visit the same places over and over again those encounters, those moments will be distinctively different. Moments, as they are being created by us; difficult ones which  help us to remember that we’re on our own path and even if we fall we’ll have the opportunity to stand up again and continue there, where we’ve been stopped. And there are beautiful moments, like filigree, never bursting soap bubbles which provide us with a heartwarming feeling and joy. Nothing and no one will ever be able to steal those moments from us as they belong to us are indestructible and unique in their kind. That is how i encountered and appreciated my pilgrimages on Shikoku ~ moment for moment, encounter after encounter while getting surprised again and again.


一期一会・ichigoichie, the book about my pilgrimages on Shikoku.


I did not know a lot about this Island. What I’ve heard was, that Shikoku is home to pure nature, mountains like the Swiss Alps and stunning beaches. I’ve  been told that if there is one place on earth where you can feel safe even leave the front- and the back-door unlocked that place would be Shikoku. There, where its people sparkle with heartiness, friendliness and give you the impression of being down-to-earth. There where almost 2000 meter mountains twinkle to the sea, where citrus fruits and sea animals dance the betting, where human beings live in harmony with nature, where history, religion and culture form a unity. An island that combines so much that a visit inevitably becomes a fond desire.


一期一会・ichigoichie, along the 88 temples of Shikoku.


Let me show you, through my eyes, the mystically beautiful Japan and its adorable locals. Get a glimpse into Japan’s world of beliefs, its temples and their rituals and accompany me while preparing and executing the pilgrimage along the 88 temples of Shikoku.