Readers reviews


I have read your book for the third time. Yes, I love to read your book. The first time I devoured it. Learned a lot the second time. And then – enjoyed it.


What you have created here is epic! I’m sure one will have to read the book more than once or twice to get the full context. You must have worked on it for years, no wonder it got a bit quiet on your side. The things you had to learn yourself, starting with the Japanese language…I can’t even imagine.

Your website here with those amazing photos radiates a certain calmness of which we sadly experience less and less in this age. The praises for it that come to my mind are, in no special order: Very interesting, engaging, thorough, soul touching, plain beautiful! I already know that I will visit this site again and again, looking into its every nook and cranny. I will do so even though I’m lucky enough to posses the book, which I enjoy slowly, like a unique meal or a very special desert. 


You are a very gifted lady. I finished reading your book and I am astounded at your abilities and determination. I enjoyed reading your journey and your love of Japan so very much. Well Done dear Friend.


Yesterday, I finished reading your wonderful book in silence, feeling touched by your open- and willingness to share your love and passion of pilgrimage. It is a subtile book that will be enjoyed by many Japan-lovers and Zen-travelers. Amazing and moving. I wonder, how deeply these pilgrimages must have shaped your thinking and feeling.


A truly colorful, touching book!



(Very interesting. A wonderful story of experience in which the spirit of the author and the natural beauty of Shikoku are in harmony. We also want to try it.)


Yesterday I finished your book for the first time. Every night, before sleeping, I walked along a handful of temples with you. What an inspiring, particular journey. By the many Japanese expressions and your way of writing, I felt like being in Japan … at least mentally. I’ll look forward to take out the book again, because reading through the many expressions and explanations is exciting. Of course, I’d like to start right away and do the pilgrimage myself.


Yesterday I came to read the last pages of this great book! It’s a great asset. The easy-to-understand explanations of the traditions and the different directions of Buddhism, the grandiose wisdom hidden in many beautiful descriptions and the visual language not only made it exciting to read, but also fueled my curiosity – I will surely read the book again to o indulge in the abundance of stories, adventure and wisdom.


“Only” the first quote followed by your dedication is proof for a wonderful book. This is an epic work filled with wisdom and passion. Thank you very much.


Many times I made use of your explanations in the appendix and chacked here and there Google Maps to find out were you currently are. Who knows, maybe you’ll soon find me somewhere between the 88 temples as Henro, just as Watanabe-san crossed your path. The Henro has always fascinated me. However, your book has sparked up my interest.


Looking forward to the walk along the path with you.


A very nice book, appealingly and greatly written.


I find your book very touching and interesting. You make a lot of wise statements that testify to a real confrontation with yourself. In any case, I will deal even more intensively with your book. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.